New products of the Quint-Essenz-Sprays. Butia da besch in Ardez/ Engadin.
Design and realization for Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH
– August, 2020


Summer special 2020 on RonOrp, der Stadtsensor with five essays on meaningful, sustainable cycles – commissioned by Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH


it's up to meProject, Engadin in April 2020, ‚it’s up to me‘ – the 6 R’s



Premura. Realization, Engadin in July 2019


tischstuhlflammerCommissions, der Stadtsensor, published on RonOrp, Zurich, since 2015



Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH ‚coaching-based spray‚ Zurich in September 2018



ICHT_defCommission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, published in „Magazin MQ Management und Qualität“, Zurich in September 2017


Bildschirmfoto 2017-06-22 um 13.41.51Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in June 2017


illu_qqCommission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in December 2016


DruckCommission, Coporate Design, Luzern in November 2016


Ratgeber AngstCommission, Guide, Zurich in March 2016



Commission, Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich, Interactionpainting, Workshop Vienna in September 2015



bildschirmfoto-2015-07-05-um-21-54-15Element- and Coporate Design, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in 2014