Illustration and content. Summer special 2021 on Ron Orp. derStadtsensor in dialogue about our five senses, how to deal with them and gives insights into the
Sensorik-Coaching by Quintessenz-Qualität

Frühlingsputz. Realization for Kreisladen, Küsnacht/ZH – March, 2021

Ask yourself – Summer special 2020 on RonOrp, der Stadtsensor with five essays on meaningful, sustainable cycles – commissioned by Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH

Commissions, der Stadtsensor, published on RonOrp, Zurich, since 2015

Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH ‚coaching-based spray‚ Zurich in September 2018

Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, published in „Magazin MQ Management und Qualität“, Zurich in September 2017
Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in June 2017

Gesichtsverlust, private work, Zurich in February 2017
Commission, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in December 2016
Commission, Luzern in November 2016

Commission, Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich, Interactionpanting, Workshop Vienna in September 2015

Element- and Coporate Design, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, Zurich in 2014