Commission. Illustrations for the launch of a consulting cooperation. Postcard. 2023.

Commission. Element, Coporate, and Web Design.
In collaboration with Christina A. Hofmann, bonnefiction for by reasonanz. Since 2022.
by reasonanz/Instagram

Commission. ‚Take care‘. Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH. 2022

Commission. Illustrationen and responsible for the visual appearance for by_reasonanz. 2022.

Commission. Moving Image. Realisation for Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH,
’sensorik-coaching‘. 2022

‚Luise‘. Print. 2022

Commission. Excerpt from ‚Communication skills‘. Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH. 2021

‚Passing People‘. Print. 2021

Stilles Tal‘. Print. 2021

‚Kleiner Fuchs‘. Print. 2021

Serie ‚Fundstücke‘. Print. 2021

Content and Realization. derStadtsensor on RonOrp ‚Summerspecial 2021‘

Commission. Designs for Quint-Essenz-Spray by Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH.
Butia da Besch/Ardez. 2020

Commission. Content and Realization. derStadtsensor on RonOrp ‚Summerspecial 2020‘

‚Von Kreisläufen‘. Print. 2020

Premura‘. Sequence. 2019

Design for Quint-Essenz-Spray by Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH. 2018

‚Gesichtsverlust‘. 2017

Commission. Illustration for Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH, published in „Magazin MQ Management und Qualität“. 2017

Commissions. derStadtsensor, published on RonOrp. Since 2015

Commission. Interactionpainting, Workshop Vienna. Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich. 2015

Element- and Coporate Design, Quintessenz-Qualität GmbH. 2014

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